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Staff Directory


Baba, Maya (408) 366-7702 Executive Assistant
Chan, Brooke (408) 366-7707 Activities Assistant Principal (Alpha Group Shj -Z)
Erwin, David (408) 366-7706 Curriculum, Instruction and Technology (Alpha Group A-Gl)
Jackson, Maria (408) 366-7702 Principal
Sullivan, Kathleen (408) 366-7703 Guidance and AP Testing (Alpha Group Lia-Shi)
Wong, Eric (408) 366-7719 School Climate and Facilities (Alpha Group Gm-Li)

Administration Office

Bridges, Dawn (408) 366-7743 School Therapist- Student Advocate
Dang, Nikki (408) 366-7766 Guidance Counselor (Last names A-H)
Galloway, Mary Ann (408) 366-7780 Senior Clerical Assistant
Goldstein, Malissa (408) 366-7790 Guidance Counselor (Last names Ph-Z)
Hendrickson, Diane (408) 366-7710 Registrar
Howden, Shana (408) 366-7767 Guidance Counselor (Last Names I-Pg)
Lamb, Mary (408) 366-7715 Attendance Accounting Specialist/Health Aide
Nguyen, Thao (408) 366-7705 Data Technician
Otoshi, Miko (408) 366-7751 STTAR Program/ Parent Liaison
Ramirez, Jose (408) 366-7711 Student Conduct Specialist
Sakoda, Linda (408) 366-7709 AP Secretary
Stevens, Brittany (408) 366-7756 School Psychologist
Weaver, Selena (408) 366-7704 Guidance AP Secretary

ASB Office

Boehm, Judy (408) 366-7734 School Financial Specialist

Career and College Center

Takahashi, Barb (408) 366-7718 College & Career Advisor
Tang, Katherine (408) 366-7718 College & Career Advisor

Library and Information Center

Ashworth, Amy (408) 366-7752 Library Media Teacher
Hanford, Rick (408) 366-7731 Library Specialist
Robnett-Robertson, Tonya (408) 366-7731 Library Specialist


Para Educators

Aluru, Yamini ex.6808 Para Educator Special Education
Belmont, Nancy ex.6803 Para Educator Special Education/ Yearbook Assistant Advisor
Bronin, Olga ex.7721 Para Educator, Science Lab Assistant
Chung, Jerome ex.6610 Para Educator Special Education
Delp, Kenneth ex.6610 Para Educator Special Education
Jacob, Elsa ex.6610 Para Educator Special Education
Lee, Betty T ex.7714 Para Educator Special Education
Mangla, Manisha ex.6507 Para Educator Special Education
Mazzi, Gina ex.7713 Para Educator Special Education
Park, Grace ex.7713 Para Educator Special Education
Phuong, An ex.6610 Para Educator Special Education
Rogers, Lou ex.6822 Para Educator Special Education
Rosales, Eliseo ex.7768 Para Educator Special Education
Sanchez, Sonia ex.7713 Para Educator Special Education
Wehner, Tim ex.7713 Para Educator Special Education

Voyager Program

Avila, Jason ex.7776 Voyager Behavior Specialist
Carter, Josie ex.7729 Special Education Secretary
Dennis, Madison ex.7774 Therapist
Greene, Anne ex.7757 Teacher Special Education/ Lead Resource Teacher
Guevara, Ted ex.7729 Para-Educator Voyager
Knudsen, Rose ex.7729 Para-Educator Voyager
Krakower, Amber ex.7746 Voyager Behavior Specialist
Lohmeier, James ex.6898 Special Education Teacher/ Voyager
Metcalfe, Meghan ex.7782 Para-Educator Voyager
Riahi, Dokie ex.7775 Therapist- Voyager
Richards, LB ex.6810 Special Education Teacher/ Voyager
Rynders-Taylor, Nieke ex.6828 Lead Resource Specialist Voyager/ Special Education Teacher
Stuart, Denise ex.6809 Special Education Teacher/ Resource and Voyager

Print Shop

Hott, John ex.7723 Print Center Technician

Program Offices

Boys' P.E. Office, . (408) 366-7728 Office
Choir Office, . (408) 366-7712 Office
Girls' P.E. Office, . (408) 366-7735 Office
Journalism Office (Epic), . (408) 255-4641 Office
Music/Instrumental Office, . (408) 366-7737 Office
Special Education, . (408) 366-7713 Office


Miller, Tom (408) 366-7738 Network & Computer Support Specialist
Phuong, Toan (408) 366-7745 Network & Computer Support Specialist

Facilities Support

Avecilla, Henry Custodian
Capristo, Oscar Senior Custodian
Choi, Ronald Custodian
Cortez, Manuel Staff
Habte, Teferi Custodian
Mendez, Federico Custodian
Ochoa, Ben Skilled Maintenance Tech
Ortega, John Pool /Groundskeeper
Pelayo, Fulgencio Groundskeeper
Swanson, Terry (408) 366-7733 Facilities Manager

Food Services

Brown, Cindy Food Service Assistant
Conroy, Anna Food Services Assistant
Cruz, Cathy Food Service Assistant
Rodriguez-Vazquez, Edgar Cook/ Baker
Senior, Jason (408) 366-7740 Food Service Manager
Yeung, Deborah Food Service Assistant
Zhao, Ying Food Services Assistant