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Teacher Directory

Aidan, Valerie ex.6861 World Language Teacher/ French
Albaker, Diana ex.6901 English Teacher
Alderete, Miguel ex.6805 Special Education Teacher
Amirault, Heather ex.7768 Special Education Teacher/ ACT 1
Badger, Andrea ex.6906 BusinessTeacher/ Business Depart. Lead
Bale, Jeffrey ex.6838 Social Studies Teacher
Baugh, Chris (408) 366-7300 ex.4802 Math Teacher (also at CHS)
Blaschke, Bob ex.6841 Math Teacher/ PE Teacher
Blazek, Lauren ex.6870 PE / Special Education
Chan, Joanna ex.6814 English Teacher
Chen, Jasmine ex.3879 World Language Teacher/ Chinese
Clark, Nelda ex.6846 English Teacher
Cross, Kristy ex.6871 World Language Teacher / Spanish
Cutshall, Ed Teacher
DeGuzman, Garry ex.6829 Special Education/ ACT 2
Della Santina, Nicole ex.6826 Science Teacher
Dunlap, Jessica ex.6908 English Teacher
Dybdahl, Jeremy ex.6837 Math Teacher/ Math Department Lead
Ellington, Patrick ex.6801 Math Teacher
Ene, Evyenia ex.6912 English Teacher
Esquivel, Michael ex.6857 World Language Teacher/ Spanish
Fill, Terri ex.6850 English Teacher
Fong, Carol ex.6835 Science Teacher
Frazita, Vivian ex.6862 Math Teacher
Fulk, Brad ex.6821 Math Teacher
Greene, Anne ex.7757 Teacher Special Education/ Lead Resource Teacher
Griffin, Jennifer ex.7735 Physical Education Teacher/ Department Lead/ Athletic Director
Hammond, Thomas ex.6847 Social Studies Teacher/ Physical Education
Harlin, Kristy ex.6858 English Teacher
Howard, Dani ex.6878 English Teacher
Howden, Kyle ex.6911 Social Studies Teacher
Iams, Ken ex.6842 Math Teacher
Isola, Crystal ex.6874 Choral Music Teacher/ Music Department Lead
Jenkins, Porchia ex.6880 Physical Education Teacher
Kenworthy, Tim ex.6873 Physical Education Teacher
Kitson, Patrick ex.6889 Special Education Teacher
Kobayashi, Kumi ex.6905 World Language Teacher/ Japanese/ Department Lead
Korsunsky, Rita ex.6876 Math Teacher
Kraemer, Sarah ex.6888 Math Teacher
Kruk, Charlotte ex.6877 Art Teacher
Kwong, Mark ex.6836 Math Teacher
Lee, Jason ex.6822 Science Teacher/ Student Leadership/Science Dept. Lead
Leung, Lester ex.6859 Science Teacher
Levin, Erin ex.6825 English Teacher/ Engage
Liu, Zoey (Zheyi) (408) 522-2400 ex.3806 World Language Teacher/ Chinese (aslo at FHS)
Lohmeier, James ex.6898 Special Education Teacher/ Voyager
Loia, Kathleen ex.6840 Science Teacher
Lu, Jessica ex.6885 Science Teacher
Martell, Nate ex.6819 Social Studies Teacher / Social Studies Department Lead
McCown, Stacey ex.6839 English Teacher
Miller, Josh ex.6883 English Teacher / Epic Student Publication Advisor
Miller, Megan ex.6869 Culinary Arts and Special Education
Morelos, Julie ex.6856 World Language Teacher/ Spanish
Nagai, Ruiko (408) 366-7300 ex.4877 World Language Teacher/ Japanese (also at CHS)
Nguyen, Nhat ex.6902 Social Studies Teacher
Nguyen, Thanh ex.6903 Science Teacher
Pakaluk, Michael ex.6859 Music Teacher
Pallone, Isaac ex.6307 Science Teacher/ STEM Teacher
Peck, George ex.6894 Computer Science Teacher
Penner, Jon ex.6881 Science Teacher
Pugh, David ex.6896 Social Studies Teacher
Quindipan, Michele ex.6892 Math Teacher
Rasley, ~ Deactivated Regan ex.6845 English Teacher & Drama Teacher
Revilla, Kim ex.6899 World Language Teacher
Reynolds, Annie ex.6847 Science Teacher & Math Teacher
Reynolds, Matthew ex.6816 Art Teacher
Richards, LB ex.6810 Special Education Teacher/ Voyager
Richmond, Robert ex.6820 English Teacher/ English Department Lead
Robledo, Leslie ex.6866 Business Teacher
Romander, Linnea ex.6872 Math Teacher
Roy, Steven ex.6844 Social Studies Teacher
Rynders-Taylor, Nieke ex.6828 Lead Resource Specialist Voyager/ Special Education Teacher
Schang, Denise ex.6817 World Language Teacher- French
Schmalz, Debbie ex.879 Science Teacher
Schussler, Jim (408) 366-7714 ex.7714 Academic Community Transition Program / Special Education & Valhalla Yearbook
Seike, Andrew ex.6882 English Teacher
Stuart, Denise ex.6809 Special Education Teacher/ Resource and Voyager
Taylor, David ex.6865 Science Teacher
Welsh, Maggie ex.6875 English Teacher / ELL Department Lead
Williams, Mike ex.6897 Social Studies Teacher
Willson, Connie ex.6807 English Teacher
Willson, Paul ex.6806 Art Teacher
Wright, Ray ex.6831 Physical Education Teacher/ Athletic Director
Yang, Tania ex.6854 Special Education Teacher/ Academic Communication

School Loop Access

Contacting Teachers

By Telephone

Call the main number (408)366-7700 and enter the teacher's extension to leave a voicemail message.

By Email

Due to an increased level of spam e-mails, LHS administration turned off the e-mail icon in School Loop. Instead, if you would like to email a teacher, please use the following protocol. first name_last name@fuhsd.org.   Please review the email guidelines before composing your email.

Teacher Web pages

Log into School Loop to access the course areas of teachers.  Only students, parents and school staff have access to School Loop.