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Japanese Links

Hiragana and Katakana

Hiragana chart: Click on the letters, you can see the stroke

order and hear the pronunciation.

  1. Genki Japan Times
  2. Hiragana
  3. Hiragana Katakana Flash Cards

​​     4. Hiragana/Katakana listening quiz

     5. Kana Quest

     6. Hiragana and Katakana Practice

     7. Rapid Recognition Trainer for Hiragana and Katakana


     8. *Fun Hiragana and Hiragana applications for iPhone, iPad, etc.


Reading Japanese Websites

  1. ひらひらのひらがなめがね
  2. Kids goo: Choose よみがな "あり" to put hiragana over all kanji words 
  3. Rikai. com
  4. Reading Tutor



JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) study materials

1. Official Site for JLPT 

2. JLPT Test Resources  

3. JLPT Kanji Project   

4. Saora JLPT Practice (for upper level)  

5. JLPT Vocabulary Lists and Flash Quizzes   



  1. POP Culture (Trends in Japan)
  3. ANIME CRAZY: Watch Anime Online for Free
  4. ACCESSJ.COM: Articles for those working in and visiting Japan
  5. TOFUGU: Learn Japanese language and culture
  6. COOKPAD: Love Japanese food?


2018 National Japan Bowl and Lynbrook High School

What's National Japan Bowl? Watch this video about Lynbrook 2018 NJB teams! 



Thank you for creating this awesome video, Mr. Scott Tang.  Mr. Tang traveled to Washington DC with the Lynbrook team with me.


Resources for You!

This is a collection of online resources that your Senpai (who have taken Japanese courses in the previous years) have recommended and Sensei has been using in class. If you know any other good links, please share them with Sensei~! Enjoy learning something new everyday!

JLPT and SAT subject test Japanese, how do you prepare for these exams?

Some students shared their experiences here. https://goo.gl/ogcLEb

If you also have taken these exams, please answer this survey! Link: https://goo.gl/Crk1iR




For upper level class: 


Visit Japan! Travel information and useful links

How to find KANJI WORDS online

  1. Go to http://www.sp.cis.iwate-u.ac.jp/icampus/u/edictionary.html to look up a single kanji. You can write the character on the site.
  2. After finding out the reading of kanji, go to http://www.yamasa.org/ocjs/kanjidic.nsf/SearchKanjiWithAllWords4?OpenForm and enter the kanji. It will give you a list of words start with the kanji.
  3. Some kanji words in the packet do not start with the kanji. In that case, you need to search by the kanji appears at beginning of the word.

Answers for the common questions! What is AP Japanese class like? Who should take it?

Watch these videos on Youtube! Current AP Japanese students explain ...

  1. The differences between Japanese 4 Honors
  2. Who should take AP Japanese and Who should not
  3. How they feel about AP Japanese class


Japanese Grammar

KANJI は友だち!

How to look up a kanji character you don't know online:

  1. Go to http://www.yamasa.org/ocjs/kanjidic.nsf/SearchKanjiComplex2?OpenForm
  2. Some kanji words in the packet do not start with the kanji. In that case, you need to search by the kanji appears at beginning of the word.

Other useful kanji practice sites:

  1. Kanji Practice: You can check how to write the kanji (stroke order), learn example words and sentences, also listen to how to pronounce the sentences.
  2. Kanji Clinic: Its purpose is to provide practical advice and inspiration to non-Japanese adults striving to achieve literacy in Japanese by learning the 2136 general-use kanji ("Chinese characters"). It is written by Mary Sisk Noguchi (photo), associate professor (retired) at Meijo University in Nagoya, Japan.
  3. Online Kanji Dictionary


Why You Should Learn Japanese

Speak Japan! http://speakjapan.jflalc.org/


You Tube Playlist


Learn Japanese through Video!

Waku Waku Japanese!




  1. How to improve speaking in Japanese
  2. AUDACITY: Record your speech, Listen, Review, Edit!
  3. JGram - helping people to learn to speak Japanese.




  1. NHK RADIO NEWS (Advanced): You can choose speed, regular, slow and fast 
  2. Mainichi Broadcasting News movies