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Guidelines, Policies, Procedures and Forms

School Information


See Staff Directory

P.T.S.A. (Parent Teacher Student Association)

Visit their page for more information

Staff Development on Wednesday Mornings

All staff training and curriculum days are scheduled for our regular late start on Wednesday mornings. Students are not to arrive on campus before 9:10 AM.


Progress reports are viewable in the Infinite Campus portal. A notification is sent to alert students and parents/guardians that progress reports have been posted online. Parents/guardians and students must activate their Infinite Campus accounts to access progress reports. Semester report cards are mailed home.For Information on report cards/progress reports...408-366-7705


For occasional absences, students should try to gather homework assignments from classmates. For long-term absence, contact the Attendance Office at 408-366-7708 to make arrangements. School Loop may also provide access to homework that is assigned.  The log in box for School Loop is located on the Home Page of the web site.  


Important Phone Numbers

GENERAL INFORMATION.................... 408- 366-7700


  • Attendance Phone Number.................. 408- 366-7715

  • Attendance Secretary...........................    408- 366-7708

For the convenience of Lynbrook parents, we have a 24-hour telephone answering number. Please call the attendance telephone number (366-7715) and use the following format using the student's I.D. number:

I am calling in a  (partial-day, full-day) absence. (Please give class period(s) to be excused if a partial day.) 

The student's I.D. number is (Use I.D. #). The correct spelling of the last name is (spell name).

He/she is in grade (9, 10, 11, 12).

The date(s) of absence are ( ). The reason for the absence is (medical, family emergency, cutting, other reason).

I am the student's (parent, guardian). I can be reached at (daytime telephone) if there are any questions regarding this absence.


.. to obtain information on activities, student government and payments for lost books/materials.


  • Boys' P.E. Office................................... 408- 366-7728

  • Girls' P.E. Office.....................................408- 366-7735

COLLEGE & CAREER CENTER........................ 408- 366-7718

.... to obtain college/career information; college and scholarship applications and information


.... to obtain academic, college and career guidance (please note the correct counselor for your child's last name)

visit the Guidance area of the web site for detailed information.

LOST AND FOUND............................... 408- 366-7704

REGISTRAR ......................................... 408- 366-7710

.... to register new students, request student transcripts, correct student records, withdraw students from school


Ms. Dawn Bridges, L.M.F.C..................... 408- 366-7743

Important Information

Academic Honesty Policy

The Fremont Union High School District is committed to advancing the pursuit of intellectual excellence and to maintaining the highest standards and expectations for academic integrity among all students. We believe in establishing a school climate that promotes ethical and responsible student conduct.

Click to download the Academic Honesty Policy in the following languages:

 English   Chinese   Spanish

Annual Notifications

Click here for annual notifications: Annual Notifications

Co-Curricular Code of Conduct

Click here for the Co-Curricular Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct

Homework Guidelines

Homework contributes toward building self‐ discipline, responsibility and lifelong learning habits. It is the intention of Lynbrook High School staff to assign relevant, challenging and meaningful assignments that support student learning and reinforce classroom objectives.

Homework Guidelines

Technology Use Agreement

The District’s network system has been established for a limited educational purpose. The term educational purpose is used in the context of instruction-related activities, including but not limited to classroom-based projects and student works, college and career explorations, and high-quality, academically-enriching research.

Click to download the Technology Use Agreement:

Technology Use Handbook



Tardy Policy

Good attendance at school is essential to high student achievement. We have noticed that student attendance has improved substantially since we began sending automatic tardy alerts home in November last year. However, a number of our students are continuing to be late to classes at Lynbrook, especially the first period of the day. This is a concern because students who are late to class: miss out on important learning opportunities, have difficulty settling into class, cause the teacher to delay the start of the lesson, and disrupt the learning environment for others. Tardiness may also affect a student’s grade.

We need all of our students to arrive at school and attend class on time and we need your help as parents in this matter. To encourage all our students to be on time to class, starting this semester, we are beginning a new policy and practice in addition to the tardy alerts being sent home. When a student reaches a certain number of tardies to any one particular class, the action/consequences will be as follows:

  • 5 tardies = the student will meet with an administrator, the parents will be contacted.

  • 10 tardies = the student and parent will meet with an administrator, the student will be issued a detention (Wednesday morning).

  • Excessive continued tardies = the student and parent meet with the teacher, counselor, and administrator to discuss further action (e.g. consequences, attendance contract, alternative schedule, counseling, etc…).

Students are expected to be in their seats and prepared to begin work when the tardy bell rings. Plan on having students arrive at school 15 minutes before the day begins by 7:20 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday (late start day).